Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hmmm....newborn conform or not thoughts on the matter!

Newborn Photography is all the rage right now! Workshops are everywhere! Someone new is selling props every day! Photographers are trying to do something new and different. Every day you see online blogs about newborn safety, how to pose, how to swaddle, how to hang, etc! Somehow in all this newborn hype I feel very strongly that someone is getting ignored...and's the newborn!

When did we get so wrapped up in trying to out-do the other photographers that we forgot about those tiny, innocent, beautiful little blessings from God? In our quest to be "noticed", "blogged", "pinned", "shared", "master the pose", we have neglected the most important little person in that mom and dad's world...that sweet little bundle of joy! I must admit that I've been caught up in too, and I really am sorry for that! There is such a pressure in the "newborn photography world" to keep up with the Jones' that I got wrapped up the hype and felt I must conform in order to be accepted as a "newborn" photographer. Well, not anymore!

I have decided not conform. I have decided to shoot the newborns in the same style that I do my other shoots...capturing the beauty of the subject...even it's not perfectly "posed". Now, I love props and I will still use them (in fact, I prefer the baby in baskets, crates, etc over the blanket poses) and I will also still do sweet newborn poses that show off their sweet tiny bodies, but I will not put stress on myself to be perfect and to pose the babies a certain way. The baby is already perfect, it's just my job to capture that moment for mom and dad, not to present a perfectly posed newborn shoot to the photography community.

Photography is all about the's capturing that time that we can never go back and redo. Facebook and the web have been amazing, but at the same time it puts such pressure on photographers (especially newbie photographers) that they must take pictures JUST LIKE SO & SO to be accepted. Other photographers DO NOT pay your bills...your clients do! Stop worrying about others, and just concentrate on making your business what it needs to be! I just can't stress that enough! I also want to stress that newborn photography and posing takes practice! I'm all about teaching new photogs, but please don't attempt these poses and call yourself a "newborn photographer" without practice. Everyone starts somewhere, so offer discounted portfolio building prices and practice. Find a mentor, attend workshops, make sure you do this the right way, those precious babies and their safety should never be put in jeopardy.

Remember, you don't have to fit a mold. If your newborn photography style is showing the love between mom and dad with no posing, embrace it and know that it's ok! Don't feel like you have to do all the poses to be accepted. I hope I have not offended anyone...if you have followed me you know that I am all about teaching new photographers. But, there are steps you need to take in your journey. Don't try to be someone else...find your style, love it and shoot it. Be yourself, everyone else is taken!