Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Busy week....my thoughts on the matter! :)

Well, didn't I just say a few weeks ago that I needed to slow down???? Oh my goodness! These past 2 weeks from returning from WPPI have been nuts!!! Of course I came home to a weeks worth of emails...btw...I'm still going through them! And then I had double the sessions because of the week I missed and of course catching up on not editing for a week....and since I'm going to be gone for another week at the end of the month (our family photos with the Sassy Sisters and a destination wedding in South America) needless to say...I haven't been able to slow down yet! I am working towards that goal though...so please be patient as I adjust to my (growing pains)!!!

I have many things that will be incorporated in the next few weeks...first of all I joined ShootQ! I really excited about this! ShootQ is my virtual assistant!! Woohoo! I needed one! This will help me with appointments, and keeping up with all the emails! I do have a big favor to ask though...if you want to book a session, please send all inquires through the contact me on my website! That is one way to assure it won't get lost in cyber land!!

I'm also super excited for my hubby to be able to work with me 3 days a week! He will be a HUGE help and in addition, I'm excited for another possibility for a full-time assistant!!! I will be doing the happy dance when this happens for sure!!! Julie Paisley Photography will have a team!!! Woohoo!!!!

I'm so incredibly grateful to all of you for your support and to my clients, THANK YOU for being patient as I try to figure all this out!!! I am human and I'm trying to juggle being a wife, mom, housekeeper, cook, teacher, photographer, secretary...and I'm not afraid to admit that sometimes I fail at one or more of these on a daily basis! We had no idea that God would choose to bless us in this manner....seriously...so incredibly thankful!!!

So, with that said...I'm going to try to go to bed before 2am....busy day tomorrow with lots of little cuties...

Until next time....I'm just a click away...xoxoxo

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