Monday, May 16, 2011

ABC themed Maternity Shoot!

As a photographer it is so easy to get in a "rut". Taking pictures day by day...sometimes we get to busy and lose our creativity! Well, I for one LOVE to be creative, I'm crafty and I always have ideas in my head...but most of the time my clients just want pictures...that is fine but Oh, when we can be creative with the shoot...WOW...that's all I can say!!!

I've had this idea in my head for quite some time...I searched and searched and as far as I know, I've never seen anything like it! I love shooting maternity sessions...I seriously believe there is nothing more beautiful than a pregnant mama...she seriously just "glows"! But, there are only so many poses you can do and to be honest...most of these pictures will not be blown up to a 16x20 canvas...LOL!

My idea was do this shoot and put it into a book for baby...I brainstormed for weeks trying to come up with ideas, I wanted a certain "look" and I needed a flower field (this was the hard part, it's been DRY in FL and not too many flowers out there) but finally, it all came together! The rain danced around us that day but in the end, it was perfect! Marcus and Mandy were the perfect couple, I had a super assistant, Miss Shewan, and I'm super *thrilled* with the results! I hope you enjoy these images as much I enjoyed bringing them together!



  1. What an AWESOME idea! Completely adorable. And what a fun couple!

  2. That is soooo creative and beautiful and amazing. I love it!

  3. Absolutely Gorgeous and Creative!!

  4. This is seriously one of my most favorite sessions I've ever seen! Very well thought out, and original! love it!

  5. This is such a clever idea! You did a beautiful job! I'm a new follower of your work!

  6. What an awesome idea!! It would be perfect in a book/album for the parents to read to the baby as she grows. LOVE it!