Sunday, April 10, 2011

Where did March go and why is April going so fast? It's about time time I update!!!!!!!!???

WHEW!!!!!!!!!!! It seems like yesterday I was posting on here for the first time and now we are in the month of April? Seriously? Time....please SLOW down!!!

The past few weeks have been AMAZING!!!! March came in like a lion! Wedding season started for JPP and in March we did 5 weddings with one of them being out of the country! Wow! What a wonderful experience! We had a blast and I would love to travel again for a wedding....any takers?

March also included several little newbies in the studios and of course more wonderful clients becoming new friends...seriously...I'm so blessed...and thankful...VERY thankful!!!!

April started off with me going back to my roots and decorating for a friend and fellow photog's wedding! Of course, I couldn't resist to snap a few pics myself! :) It was beautiful could I not?

The first full week of April was CRAZY! Seven newbies came into the studio...there was a whole lot of cuteness going on!!! I also photographed a smash cake session, {2} 3 month sessions, 2 weddings and hosted a "spend the day"! I also taught my first newborn workshop! I've been resisting for quite sometime because I knew these would be "established" photographers who I would be teaching! Yikes! I have taught 2 other beginning workshops and I have had several beginning photogs "spend the day" with me but this was something totally different! I was very nervous....there are so many WONDERFUL newborn photographers out could I even compare? But, I LOVE teaching and I knew I could do I did...and guess what? We had a wonderful time!

So, we are entering the second full week of April and I'm looking forward to 2 more weddings, a newborn mentoring day with {2} out of town photogs, some "themed" engagement shoots and then another beginning workshop on the 30th~ The first week of May is vacation...I think I will be ready!!! :)

This is all still so amazing and surreal for me...seriously, this time last year I was teaching full-time and shooting a few sessions here and'm just so amazed and at what God has done! I had NO IDEA...I just don't know why God chooses to bless me...I'm so thankful...I'm nothing special...I picked up a camera, attended a few workshops and really just figured it all out on my own...I'm sure I do so many things wrong and I'm not technical at all...I really just shoot how I see it...that's if I EVER lose my focus and don't give the glory back to God...give me a quick kick in the tush? OK? :)


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  1. That is just AMAZING!! What a blessing you are!