Friday, June 24, 2011

Julie Paisley Photography Workshops - NEW UPDATES!!!

I am a teacher at was my first love and I'm so excited to now have the chance to continue "teaching" with my new love, photography!

First of all, I want to be completely honest and transparent...I DO NOT claim to be a master teacher, I DO NOT claim to have "all" the answers! I DO NOT claim to be the "best" or the "authority" on all things photography and I am NOT "technical" at all! If you are looking for a workshop that will give lectures on the "technical" aspects of photography...this is NOT the workshop for you!!! I am self-taught through much research, practice and trial and error! I feel very confident in what I do and although I do not claim everything I do is "technically" right, however, it works for me and I'm so happy to share!

My workshops are very "hands-on". I will set up 3 sessions (if you are attending the regular workshop it will be a variety of different types of sessions and if you are attending a newborn workshop it will be 2 newborns) and you will observe and shoot along with me! We will go over basic camera settings (aperture, ISO, shutter speed and white balance) posing, lighting (natural) and basic editing/workflow. I will also go over the business side of photography and we will have a time of Q&A, I'm very open and I love to answer each and every question you have! I actually really enjoy this part of the workshop, I know when I was learning there were so many people who would not answer my questions, so I don't hold anything back!

Ok, so now to answer your question..."How much is it?" Well, I have decided to keep my workshops priced low. I know when I was first starting out there was no way that I could afford the expensive workshops, they are awesome, but someone has to start somewhere! For 2011, I am offering introductory pricing! My local workshops are $250 and out of state workshops are $350 (except for the Zanesville, OH workshops). They are very affordable and from the feedback that I have received it is very much worth the price! Right now, I am only offering one day workshops but I have had several requests for more...and yes, there are ideas in my head! Those will be announced at a later date and I'm downright giddy with excitement to tell you all about it!

I have set up the following dates for upcoming workshops. I keep my workshops small, only 6-8 at each workshop! I am also available for travel to other states, I would just need someone who is willing host and a natural light home/studio! If you are interested in this, please contact me at

Here are the dates that are available so far for 2011, there is a chance that a few more will be added but these are the dates at this time.

July 9th - Newborn Workshop
(My Studio in Fernandina Beach, FL)

July 20th - Orlando Workshop (2 newborns and a family) - Sorry, this one is booked up!

July 30th - Basic Workshop
(My Studio in Fernandina Beach, FL)

August 12th - Zanesville Ohio Workshop (2 newborns and a family)

August 13th - Zanesville Ohio Workshop (2 newborns and a family)

August 17th - Ashland, VA Workshop (2 newborns and a family)

August 19th - Williamsburg, VA Workshop (2 newborns and a family)

September 13th - 14th - Tyler, TX (This workshop is offered for 2 days, you can do one day for $350 or 2 days for $600.) Each day will feature 2 newborns and a family.

October 1st - My studio in Yulee, FL (2 newborns and a family)

October 29th - My studio in Yulee, FL (2 newborns and a family)

In order to attend the basic workshop, you will need a DSLR camera and you do not need to be shooting on manual to attend but please study your manual and know how to adjust your settings! You will be shooting on manual at the end of the day! You also do not need to be a "photographer" to attend the basic workshop. I have several mom's who just want to learn how to take better pictures!

For the newborn workshop, you will need a DSLR camera and at least the 50 1.8 or 50 1.4 fixed lens. You will also need to be a "practicing photog". This type of photography is not for everyone so I suggest that you have a firm grip on basic photography to take this class.

So, who is ready to sign up? :) In order to do so, please email me at with your name, phone #, email address, facebook/website link and the date and location of the workshop you are interested in. I will need $100 to hold your spot (I will send an invoice and you can pay online) and the remainder is due the day of the workshop! Thank you so much and I can't to spend the day with you!



  1. If you ever come near Charlotte, NC I would LOVE to be able to come to one of your workshops!

  2. Are Tyler workshops the same on both days?

  3. I agree with DonnaKay.. would LOVE to come to one of your workshops should you ever come to (or anywhere near) Charlotte, NC. I'm sure several photog friends I have would love to come as well! :) Best wishes!