Monday, June 20, 2011

What??? No more 16 hr days? Can it be done? YEP!!!

So...last week I did some thinking...yep...dangerous...I!

After I returned from the workshop in Cali, I KNEW I needed to make some changes in my business...I'm supposed to be the one running the business and NOT the business running me!!! I promised myself in Feb that I would not let it happen did! :(

With that in mind, it's time to make some changes...

So, here goes...

I'm going to make a schedule! And yes, I know sometimes I will have to be flexible but I'm going to do my best to stick to it! My family needs it and my SANITY needs it! Plus...I love schedules...they make me happy! ;)

We will start with emails:

I get hundreds of emails a day...literally...I'm not is so hard to go through and answer these randomly so I'm going to have certain times that I check emails and I ask for 48 hours to respond. If I have not responded to your email within 48 hrs, please resend because for some reason I did not receive! My goals are to check email first thing in the morning and right before bed (oh and the more 2am!)

Next up...editing!

I seriously feel like I edit 24-7. I feel like it reproduces like rabbits! LOL! Taking pictures are the easy part but since I hand edit EVERY image you is NOT fast! I need time to edit but I will not do anymore 16 hr days of editing. It's not fair to me and most importantly, it's not fair to my family. So, with that said, effective immediately, it could be up to 3 weeks before you receive your CD for your session, weddings will be up to 10 weeks. I will still try to get them finished before then but no guarantees!

Sessions per week...

I will not schedule shoots everyday. Shoots will be scheduled on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Saturday's will be reserved for weddings and workshops. There will be times when I have to reschedule due to weather, illness, etc but as a general rule, my goal is to only have 3 shoots a week.

I cannot express how relieved this makes me feel...I literally feel like a HUGE burden has been lifted! As a result, I'm going to be a better wife, mother and photographer! I'm really excited! I will have more time to really plan out the shoots...I want your sessions to be special, unique and all about YOU!!! I want your session to be an experience...we won't be sitting and saying "cheese" but we will be having FUN!!!

This journey has been amazing for me...I have learned so much over this past year and I'm so excited for the future! Thank you for supporting me, believing in me and trusting me with your memories...I'm truly honored and blessed!

Until next time...




  1. YOU CAN DO IT! You have to! I literally worry your fingers are going to fall off from working so hard!!!!!!

  2. It's incredible to gain perspective and a vision of what needs to be. I love it. I am at the very beginning of my business and fear it taking over with little ones at home. Thanks for sharing. I want to go to their workshop!

  3. Good for you! Sounds like a great system, and I am thankful that you are "putting your foot down" so to speak for the benefit of yourself and your family. XOXO

    Sarah Brown

  4. Just the sessions I do have already been difficult to work out babysitting & manage my time. I am hiring a nanny 2 days a week to only do sessions those 2 days & a weekend here and there. Family must come first, I can't even imagine how overwhelmed you have been feeling. I know this will be a huge weight lifted off your shoulders, good for you.