Tuesday, August 30, 2011

And the winners are.....Part 1!!!

Congrats to all the winners for Part #1! I will place your name beside the vendor! To claim your prize, please comment with your email address so that the vendors can get in touch with you! I do not have the prizes, each vendor is responsible for sending out your items! Thank you so much for participating, keep entering, you can win more than once...it's the luck of the draw!

www.facebook.com/primitivemoose is giving away a cute burlap banner! - Brianna Westfall

www.facebook.com/chicbboutique is giving away the Auburn Rose Mommy & Me Pillowcase Outfit! - Priscilla Woodall Karow

www.facebook.com/truly.unique.crochet.love is giving away a custom Handspun Newborn Elfin Hat! - Savannah Gilley

www.facebook.com/RaspberryAndLime is giving away a $30 gift certificate to their store! - Caroline Matchett

www.facebook.com/lovethatcrochet is giving away any 1 item from their store! - Nicole Garringer

www.facebook.com/foreverbela is giving away a banner and hairpiece - Jessica O! Photography

www.facebook.com/3littlebirdsboutique is giving away a $20 store credit - Chasity Bowling

www.facebook.com/chaoticperspectivesphotography is giving away a custom logo or custom designed interactive Facebook welcome page! - Belinda Nelson

www.facebook.com/CherishedTimesBoutique is giving away a $25 gift card! - Crystal Batignani

www.facebook.com/pictureperfectbabyboutique is giving away a $50 gift card! - Jess Millward


  1. yay! Jessica Oh! Photography : jessicaohphoto@gmail.com

  2. YAY!!! Winner, Winner Chicken dinner!...(ok so I had beef but I still like that saying)


  3. I am super excited!!! Thank you!!!

  4. So excited!! Thank you all so much! My email is jessica.millward@ymail.com