Monday, January 31, 2011

If you have won any of my giveaways...please read!!! :)

Hello Everyone!!! Ok! So these giveaways have been awesome but I still need some info from you guys to make sure you receive your awesome prizes!!! If you have not received your item/s please email me at Don't comment, I need emails because I need your name, address, email address and phone #!!! (I don't want you to share your personal info with the world!) Thanks guys!!!

Day #31 Giveaway!!!!

Wow! The last day of the month!!! Amazing!!! This has been so much fun!!! Since it's the last day we have several vendors for this giveaway!!! So you know the deal, you must "like" their page and my page then you need to leave me a comment below!! Oh and don't forget to share this giveaway someone online (Facebook, Twitter, Blog) Have fun!!! Here's the pages!!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day #28 Winner!!!

And the winner for the $50 print credit to JPP is.....

Marcus Rau!!!! Goodness you guys are lucky!!! See that posting everyday is paying off!!! Keep it up!!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day #30 Giveaway!!!!

Well...the end of the month is drawing's be been a super one!!! I have added so many new's just amazing!!! I'm so thankful for your support of little ole' me!!!

I do have some good news though...I have had so many vendors who want me to continue giveaways so guess what...I will!!! So stay tuned...I will randomly post giveaways!!! Woohoo! How fun!!!

Ok, so we do a giveaway for's pretty awesome too!!! Kelly Sorenson creates awesome templates and she is offering a $50 gift certificate to be used in either of her stores!!! Here are her links, check them out!!!

So to enter, you must go and "like" her page and of course you must like my page and don't forget to leave a comment so I know that you did!!! Oh and please share the word about the giveaway!!!

You rock!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Day #27 Winner!!!!

And the winner is....

The Vanzants!!!! :) {AKA JoBeth} Congrats girlie! I will let Renee' know you won! :)

LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day #28 Giveaway!!!! I *thought* I posted today's giveaway but it's not here!!! So, I don't want to "cheat" my fabulous vendors so today's giveaway will be from me!!!! How does a $50 print credit sound???? To enter leave me some {luv} on my fan page and share my website with a friend...Oh and don't forget to comment below!!! guys are the BEST!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day #26 Winner!!!!

Ok!!! This was a popular one!!! I wish I could have entered this one!!! We do have a winner goes....

Susan Ragar!!!!!

Congrats!!! Email me your info and I will put you in touch with the fabulous Julie!!!

Day #25 Winner!!!

Day # 25 has a WINNER and the winner is.....

Tonya Padgett!!!!

Congrats girl! Please email me your address and phone # and I will put you in touch with our fabulous vendor!!!

Day #27 Giveaway!!!!

Ok! This giveaway is awesome for all you local folks....spread the news!!!!! Wiggle Worms is having a BIG sale!!! Everything in the store is 25 - 50% off until Sunday!!! Plus if you go their facebook page you can print a coupon (under the notes) for another 20% off!!!

And it gets better!!!!! I'm giving away a $25 gift certificate to use there!!! So, you must like their page and post on there that I sent ya too!!! Plus tell all your friends and share somewhere online about this fabulous sale!!!! Oh and don't forget to comment below so you that I know you did it!!! Have fun!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day #24 Winner!!!

Day #24 has a winner and it is....

Joy Spencer!!! Congrats girlie!!! Email me your address and so I can give your info to our fabulous vendors!!!

Day #26 Giveaway!!!!

Today's giveaway is AWESOME!!!! If you are a baby will want to WIN today's prize!!! It is a beautiful hand-spun basket buddy {see picture} I love it! Of course she has tons of other fabulous stuff, check out her website!

To enter this giveaway, please go check out her fan page and "like" it!!!
And of course, make sure you like my page too!

Don't forget to share this somewhere online (Facebook, Twitter, Blog) and don't forget to leave a comment below!!!

Have fun!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day #25 Giveaway!!!

Today's giveaway is totally cute!!!! Go checkout this site for today's giveaway!!! Mrs. Bucket Lady Crosby is giving away a custom painted bucket (you choose the theme) with free shipping!!! So, you know what to do!!! Share her website somewhere online and of course tell your friends about this giveaway too!!! Don't forget to comment below!!!

Happy Tuesday!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day #24 Giveaway!!!

Wow!!! What a month!!! I can't believe it's the last week of the month!!! WooHOO!!! It's been fun!!! I still have ALOT to giveaway this stay tuned...there might be some days with several items!!! How exciting!!! And guess what? Today is one of those days!!!

Today I will be giving away items from 2 different vendors!!! First, I have a beautiful picture from Cottage Finds!!! Follow this link and "like" their page!!!!/pages/cottage-finds/107699155944366 If you are local, you MUST go visit this adorable shop!!! The owner is {fabulous} please support our local businesses!!!

The next item is a cute little headband from Petite Fleurs by Bellasma!!! LOVE her stuff, sooooo cute!!! So you know what to must like her page too!!!!/pages/Petite-Fleurs-by-Bellasma/152046671479344

And of course...don't forget to show my page some {luv} and share this awesome giveaway somewhere online and leave me a little comment below makes me :)

Day #22 Winner!!!

Ok! So I totally messed up my days, LOL! The Sweet Bella Bakery giveaway should have been labeled day #22!!! But...we still have a big winner!!! The winner for the yummy cookies from Sweet Bella Bakery is....

Karen Hamilton!!!! Woohoo!!! Email me your address and we will get those yummy cookies right out to you!!!

Day 21 Winner!!!!!

And the winner of the cute little hat from Sweet Love Creates is....

Mandy Rau!!!!

Congrats girl! Please email your address and color choice to me so you can get your hat!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day #21 Giveaway!!!!

Today's giveaway is super sweet!!!! It's from Sweet Bella Bakery!!!! Yummo!!!

So, go like the Sweet Bella page and please like my page too!!!! and don't forget to share the giveaway and my website, {somewhere online}!!! Oh and I need you comment below!!!

Happy Saturday!!!!

Day #20 Winner!!!!

And the winner is.....

Brooke Lehman!!!!

Congrats girlie!!! What an awesome day to win!!! Please email me your address so I can set things up with our awesome vendors!!! My email is

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day #21 Giveaway!!!!

Day 21 has some major cuteness going on!!! Have you checked out the fabulous hats from Sweet Love Creates??? Well, she is giving away the cute little hat in the picture and you get to choose the color!!!

So...go to her page and make you sure you "like" it!!! Of course I need you to like my page too and then share my giveaway somewhere online (facebook, twitter, blog) and don't forget to comment below!!!

Have fun!!!

Day #20 Giveaway!!!

Ok, so for some reason yesterday's blog post did not make it so today is BIG!!! I have 2 vendors giving away awesome stuff!!! All you photographers out there...YOU will want to enter and share!!!

First of all, we have some cute stuff from Itty Bitty Creations!!! An awesome camera strap, your choice of either fringe (see picture) and this cute little headband!!!

We also have a beautiful print from Violet Ray Photography!!! Just stunning!!!

So, you know what to do!! First of all, make sure visit and "like" the following pages!!!

Then I need you to share my giveaway somewhere online and don't forget to comment below!!!


Day #18 Winner!!!!

The winner of the cute little Valentine bow from BOW DIVAS is....

Christine Davis!!!!

Congrats girl! Send me your address to my email,

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The big SURPRISE giveway WINNERS!!!!!

Ok, you've waited patiently and here are the winners for the 12 1/2 price sessions!!! If you will not be able to use this session, please let me know asap so I can draw another name!!! Thank you so much, I need to go rest my hand now from all the writing!!! :) It was so much fun though!!!

Feb. 2011 - Amanda McCullough

March 2011 - J. Martinez

April 2011 - Jennifer Wiggins

May 2011 - Sandy Hughes

June 2011 - Alicia Williamson

July 2011 - Jennifer Lacanilao

August 2011 - Teri Robinson

Sept. 2011 - Chris and Chelsea King

Oct. 2011 - Kristin Grace Photography

Nov. 2011 - Tracy McKibben

Dec. 2011 - Ginger Fiveash

Jan. 2012 - Gina Nay

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Please post and SHARE....It's a WEDDING GIVEAWAY!!!!

I posted this info on the very first day of my Birthday Bash!!!! I have had ALOT of entries but several have been on days that I'm already booked for a wedding!!! So, I'm extending the dates to include any weddings in 2012 as well!! Also, there has also been a little confusion on the details so I wanted to clear it all up with a little Q & A!!! goes!!!!

Q - Does the wedding have to be local?

A - No, this is actually geared to weddings worldwide!!! In fact, the weddings within a 3-hr drive of Jacksonville, FL are not eligible.

Q - What is included in the "FREE"?

A - You will get 2 photographers for 8 hrs of coverage and CD's of the edited images. I am not "charging" for my wedding package but travel expenses for myself and my assistant must be covered.

Q - How do I enter?

A - Please email me at and include the following!

1. Name and pictures of the bride and groom
2. Location, DATE and Venue of the wedding
3. Colors and theme of the wedding
4. A little story about you and your honey!! Be detailed! This is what will help me decide!!!

Remember I must receive all entries by Jan 31st! The winner will be announced on Feb 14th!!!

Have fun and I can't wait to hear more stories!!! This has been so much fun!!!

Are you patiently waiting??? :)

I promise...I haven't forgot about you all and the drawing for the 12 1/2 price sessions!!! Had a little eventful day so no will be posted soon!!! :)

Jan 17th's SURPRISE giveaway!!!! I've been getting emails all day wondering what the SURPRISE was!!! it is!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow my kiddos will be drawing a name for a 1/2 price session for 12 people!!! Yes, one for every month of this new year!!!! If for some reason you cannot use your session, please let me know right away and I will draw another name! I'm so excited to do this...stay tuned!!!


Day #18 Giveaway!!!!

Simply Adorable is today's giveaway!!! Bow Divas is giving away this cute little Valentine Bow for your cutie!!! It's easy to's what you have to do!!!

Go to facebook and like her page, and of course like my page Then post somewhere online (facebook, twitter, blog) about my giveaway and share my site,

Oh and don't forget to comment below and share the {luv}!!!

Have fun!!

Day #16 Winner!!!

The winner for Day #16, the Jessica Drossin Textures Gift Certificate goes to.....

Katrina Wiengart!!!!

Congrats girl! Email me at so I can set you up with Jessica!

Thank you!

Monday, January 17, 2011

I thought this was cute....

Day #17 Giveaway!!!! Don't MISS This ONE!!!! today's giveaway is a SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will tell you this WILL want to enter this one!!! Don't skip today...I'm serious!!!!

Since today's giveaway is a little is what you need to do to enter! First of all, please like my page Then I need you to post and share somewhere online (Facebook, Twitter, blog) about my giveaway and my website! And lastly...leave a comment here on my blog! This is very important for today's giveaway! If for some reason you cannot comment, send me a msg on FB and let me know! I don't want you to miss out!!!

Have fun and xoxox to you all!!!


Day #15 Winner!!!

And the winner of the $25 gift certificate to Wiggle Worms is....

Anna Smith!!!

WooHoo!!! Congrats girl!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day #16 Giveaway!!!!

What an awesome giveaway today!!! Jessica Drossin is giving away a $25 gift certificate for her photoshop textures!!! They are awesome and so much fun to work with!!! They really give that "Wow" factor to your photos!!! Here's how to win it!!

Go check out and "like" her page on FB (you can tell her I sent you) and then of course "like" my page, and then share my giveaway and my website somwhere online (facebook, blog, twitter) it's that easy!!! Oh and don't forget to comment below telling me you did so!!!

Have fun and I hope you win! :)

Day #14 Winner!!!

We have a winner for Day #14 from PaperLili!!! WooHoo!!! The winner is....

Denise Partyka!!!!!!!!!

Congrats girl! Send me your email address so I can forward it to Paperlili!!!

Thank you!!

Day #15 Giveaway!!!

Today's Giveaway is from Wiggle Worms!!! Our favorite kids store in Fernandina Beach!!!! Wiggle Worms is giving away a $25 gift certificate!!! WooHoo!!!

To enter to win you must visit and "like" the Wiggle Worms Fan page on FB and of course you must like my page then share this giveaway with your friends and while you're at it...will you tell them about my website and blog too? Then leave me some {luv} below telling me that you did so!!!

Thank you!!! You are the BEST!!!


Day #13 Winner!!!

And the winner for Day #13 the $50 print credit for JPP is....

Melissa Attaway!!!!

Congrats girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day #12 WINNER!!!!!!!!!

WooHoo!!!! Someone is getting a date night!!! The winner of 2 FREE hours of babysitting is.....

Jessie Hartford!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats girl!!! Send me your email address and I will put you in touch with Nannies USA!!!

Thank you!!!

Day #14 Giveaway!!!! today's word....ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you seen her page? OH MY WORD....sooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE Paper Lili!!!!!

Paper Lili is giving away your choice of the personalized name leggings or the personalized name shirt!!! What little girl or BIG girl (I'm seriously thinking of buying one for myself!) would not LOVE these shirts??? So! Go check out her page on Facebook and you must "like" her page!!! Tell I sent ya too! :) Of course, I also need you to "like" my page and don't forget to share this info with your friends somewhere online (Facebook, Blog, Twitter) and finally just leave me a comment below telling me you did so!!!

Have fun! Loving all this cuteness!!!!


Day #13 Giveaway!!!!!

So...who's having fun with these giveaways???? I'm lovin' it!!!!!!!!

Today's giveaway is super's a $50 print credit with Julie Paisley Photography!!! You can use this for past or future sessions!!! To win...just like my page and share my giveaway with your friends somewhere online (Facebook, Twitter, Blog) I would also LOVE if you would share my website and blog and of course leave me some {luv} below!!!

You are awesome!!! xoxoxo

Day #11 Winner!!!!!

WE have another winner!!! This is fun!!! I love giving stuff away!!! Woohoo!!!

The winner of the headband from Sew Whimsey is.....

Jaime Bare!!!!

Congrats girl! Send me your email address and Sew Whimsey will be in touch with you!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day #12 Giveaway!!!

Ok! I know all you local folks will appreciate today's giveaway!!! It is from NanniesUSA!!! My cousin owns this business and she is giving away 2 hours of FREE babysitting!!! WooHoo!!! Night out with the hubby!!!

So, you know what to do!! Like her page and of course my page Then share this with your friends somewhere online (facebook, twitter, blog) and don't forget my link, I also need you to comment below that you did so!! Easy as pie!!!


Day #10 Winner!!!!!

WooHoo!!! Another winner for another awesome prize!!! Today's winner of the $35 gift Certificate to Miss Priss Tutu's is......

Mandy Wark!!! WooHoo Girl!!!

Msg me your email address and I will put you in touch with Dallas of Miss Priss Tutu's!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Day #11 Giveaway!!!!!!

Today's giveaway is one of my favorite vendors...Sew Whimsy!!! I LOVE her headbands!!! I have several of them and of course you have seen them in my newborn pictures!!! She is giving away your choice of one of her headbands!!! Yay!!!

So, go to facebook and "like" her page and of course "like" my page Then tell the world about my contest somewhere online (facebook, twitter, blog) and share my link, And of course...don't forget to comment below!!!

Thank you so much...I hope you guys are having fun!!! I know I'm having a blast!!!!


Day #9 Winner!!!!!

Ok, so I'm having trouble with my internet tonight! Boo!!! So I cannot post a picture but the kiddos did draw a name....and the winner is...

Lindsay Cotton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats girlie!!!

Email me your address so the fabulous Meg can send you your hat!!! I know you are going to be able to use it soon! :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day #10 Giveaway!!!!

Today's Giveaway is once again...AWESOME!!! How about a $35 gift certificate for Miss Priss Tutu's!!!!!!!!!! Everyone loves a good tutu!!!

Go check out her page and to enter you must "like" her page and of course my page Then post somewhere online (Facebook, Twitter, blog) about my giveaway and share my link, Then don't forget to comment below so I know that you did!!!

Thank you for sharing the news of my new site and have a wonderful week!!!!

Also...don't forget about the month long giveaway!!! You can enter everyday to win a 50% off sessions for LIFE with JPP!!! Also, I'm giving away a wedding!!!! This is for out of state, so if you know someone getting married ANYWHERE this year please check out the details on Day 1 and enter to win!!!

Day #8 Winner!!!!

And we have a winner for Day #8 the Valentine Mini with Me! :) Congrats girl! Just contact me to pick your date and time!!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day #9 Giveaway!!!!!

Wow! I can't believe it's already Day 9!!! WooHoo!!! What a fun week!!!

Today's giveaway is once again awesome!!!! Our vendor for the day is Adorable Props!!! I have personally used her several times...I LOVE her hats for my newborn photography!!! So, you know the deal...go and like her page and then of course you must like my page and then post somewhere online (Facebook, Twitter, your blog) my link to my website www.juliepaisleyphotography telling all your friends about the giveaway!!! And finally, don't forget to comment below so your name will be entered in the drawing!!! Have fun and enjoy your Sunday!!!


Day #7 Winner!!!!!

And the winner is....

Congrats!!! Please msg me with your email address and I will put you in touch with Creative Dragonfly!!! Thank you!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Day #8 Giveaway!!!!

Since today is a week since the blog and website were launched, I decided that the giveaway today is from ME!!! It has been such a wonderful week, I added almost 300 new friends and I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet several of you through email! I truly value the friendships that I've gained and I look forward to many more!!!

Today's giveaway is for a Valentine Mini Session!!! I'm doing these sessions on January 20 and January 29th! The winner of the session will also receive 25 personalized Valentine Cards!!!

To be entered, just tell someone else about the giveaway somewhere online! You can use Facebook, Twitter, Blog, etc! Also, be sure to post my link,

Thank you so much! Enjoy your Saturday!!!


Day #6 Winner!!!

Ok! So here is the winner for Day #6 the make-up goodie bag from Faythe!!!

I laughed when the name was are such a good hubby!!! I'm sure Mandy will enjoy!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day #7!!! Another Awesome Giveaway!!!

I'm so thankful for my vendors...especially the ones who like to use my pictures!!! Today's giveaway is from The Creative Dragonfly!!! You will see alot of her hats in my newborn pictures!!! Barbara was the first to start making me hats and I'm so grateful!!! She is giving away a $25 gift certificate to her shop!!! Go "like" her page and post somewhere online (Facebook, Twitter, Blog) my link, and then comment below that you did so!!!!

I hope you are enjoying these give-away's...I know I am!!!

Have a super-duper day!!!



Day #5 Winner!!!

Oops!!! It's been busy day and I just realized that I did not post today's winner!! Here is the winner for the Spoonfudge!!! See even Chloe is licking her lips!!! :)

Day #6 Giveaway!!!!

Today's Giveaway is once again...AWESOME!!! The Makeup Artist Faythe is giving away a Makeup Goodie Bag!!! WooHoo!!! What girl does not like Makeup??? Faythe is a wonderful person and MUA and I'm so thankful that she is willing to donate for my Birthday Bash!!'s the deal!!!

Go like her page on Facebook, and of course like mine too!!! Then post my link www.juliepaisleyphotography somewhere online, (Facebook, Twitter, blog) and finally leave a comment on here telling me that you did!!! It's easy...keep sharing us with your friends...we love you!!!!

You rock!!!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day #4 Winner!!!

Sorry...I'm a little late in posting the winner today...but HERE GOES!!!!

The Winner is...

Congrats girl! I just need your email address and let me know if you have regular photoshop or photoshop elements!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day # 5 Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUMMO!!!!!!

Ok guys...I've tried...I like it!!!! IT IS SOOOOO YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's called SpoonFudge!!! Check them out on Facebook

Spoonfudge is giving a $25 gift certificate to one lucky will be back for more, I promise!!!

So, to enter the contest you must like their page and mine (of course)!!! Then post and share
somewhere online (Facebook, Twitter, blog) the link to my website and blog and then comment below and that's all she wrote!!! Easy as Pie!!!

Also...don't forget about the big wedding package give-away and the 50% off sessions for LIFE with JPP!!! Check out day #1's post for more info!!!

Have fun and you guys rock!!!


Day #3 Winner!!!!!

And the winner is......

Congrats Girl!!! Send me your address at and I will put you in contact with the girls at Sisterly Love Handmade!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Day #4's HUGE and AWESOME!!!!

Are you ready to make your pictures look AWESOME???? Then you must enter today!!! Today's giveaway is from Pure Photoshop Actions!!! You will receive the Everything Pure Set 1!!! Go to their webpage and "like" it!!!

Of course make sure you "like" my page, post somewhere online (Facebook, Twitter, Blog) my web address, and then leave a comment!! It's that easy!!!

Have fun and good luck!!!


Day #2 Winner!!!!!

And the winner is....

Congrats and email me at with your address and color choice. Go to the organic bloom fan page and if you look under their pictures they have color choices! I know you are going to LOVE these frames!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day #3 Giveaway for January 3rd!

Today's giveaway is something fun! Do you love all those cute hats and tutu's I use in my pictures? Well, they come from several very talented ladies and I'm happy to spread the news about them!!!

Today's giveaway features 2 sisters from Sisterly Love Handmade! I have known these girls since the day they were born and I'm so proud of them!!! They do an awesome job and I'm so happy to share them with you!

Wendy makes the hats and she is offering a $25 gift certificate towards one of her hats! You can order any size, style or color!

Missy makes such cute tutu's! She is offering a tutu (you chose the size and color) and a matching bow.

So, here are the must first "like" their page,
then you must leave a comment somewhere online (Facebook, twitter, your blog) with my website address, and then comment under this post on my blog! Please don't forget to comment on the blog! I don't always see the links or posts online so it's very important! Please add your first and last name to the post too...if we have more than one "Kristin" with no last would not be good!!!

Have fun! I will post the winner of Day #2 in the morning! Don't forget the month long giveaway of a WEDDING photography package and 50% off for LIFE sessions!!!! Go to the first post on Day 1 for more details!!! You must comment at least 10 days this month to be entered in the 50% off for LIFE giveaway!!!

Thanks again for guys rock!!!


Something I posted on my FB page today...thought I would share here too....

I had a hard time sleeping last night...I was very disturbed over some things that I read yesterday from several fellow photographers...I've debated all day whether or not to write about it but I feel very strongly that I should "voice" my opinion on these matters...I'm sure I'm going to get feedback but I feel so strongly about this...I've decided to launch a campaign to be POSITIVE and encourage others, not tear them down!!!

I've only been the business for a year...I've learned alot, made alot of mistakes, cried alot, smiled get the picture!!! One thing that has been constant though is negativity from don't get me wrong, everyone is not like this but it's amazing that through all the positive, it only takes one negative comment to bring you've heard the one bad apple ruins all the good...well, the same can be said for being negative!

I'm really tired of seeing all the "seasoned" photographers tear down those who are just starting out! It amazes me how they are so quick to judge, condemn, tear apart and just be downright mean to others who are just following their dream! Didn't THEY have to start somewhere? How many photographers do you know that all of the sudden jumped on the scene charging high dollar and producing perfect pictures? I don't know of a one and yet people are constantly writing on their blog and facebook complaining about another photographer charging less, or copying or taking an idea and ruining what? I would like to know one photographer out there who has not gained inspiration from others? I dare say there is not a one....

It all comes down to the clients! So what if photographers are brand new and charge long as their client is aware of and it's ok with them, then let it be! I'm so thankful for those who took a chance with me and booked me for their wedding knowing that I had only shoot a few others...I'm so thankful for that first family to trust me with photographing their most prized possession...I would not be where I was today if not for my clients...I give them what they ask for and my focus is ALWAYS on them...that is what it's about people...our clients!!!!!!!!

We should focus on just making ourselves better...stop looking at other's work and condemning it!! So what if you would not have used that prop, or that what if you would have not edited that way...get off your high horse and start looking to see how you can make improvements in your own work! You might look at that picture and see all the things YOU would change but you know what...that client might have looked at that picture and cried because they loved it so much....that's is what's important!

I'm sorry to sound harsh but I'm done with the negative comments...if you can't say something nice, please don't say it all!!! My business is all about my clients, it's how it started, it's how it always will be! If I take the same pose over and over again because it was requested by my client, then I'm doing it! If I have a request from a client to do a "themed" session and I know that it's already been done before by another photographer...I'm going to go with it and just add my own touches to it! Just because it's been done before doesn't mean it cannot be done again! I share what I know with others...I take it as a compliment when someone asks for my help...we should be confident enough in ourselves to not feel so threatened by others...there is so much joy in helping others...I personally do not want to miss out on it!

Ok, so I've "vented" for today...I seriously have just been so disturbed, I had to get it off my chest...

Clearing up a little confusion....

Ok guys! Some of you have been confused on how to be entered in the daily contest! This is what you need to do! You must like my page and the page of the person who is giving away the item. Then you must post somewhere online (blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc) the link to my website and blog, and leave a comment on the blog that you did so!!! That is all, easy-peasy!!!! Now, we are using the "honor" system so don't cheat! I have seen most of the links but one could slip by so make sure you comment on the blog to make sure you are being entered in the contest!! Another good thing to do is to sign your name to your comment so there is no confusion! You can enter once a day and if you do this at least 10 days during the month you will be entered in the contest for the 50% off sessions for LIFE!!! So, start sharing with your friends and get your name in the drawing!!! If you enter everyday you have a greater chance of winning!!!! Oh and I do put your name back into the drawing, so you could even win more than once!!! Have fun!!!

January 1st Winner!!!!

And the winner is......

Congrats girl! Contact me for your FREE mini-session!!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Big Birthday Bash Give-Away...Day 2!!!!

Wow! What an awesome response from our first day of give-aways!!! Day 2 is soooo exciting too!!!!

The Organic Bloom is giving away a set of (3) 10x10 Meg Frames in the winner's choice of colors! WooHoo...what an awesome prize!!! I am so excited to offer these frames for my clients in 2011, they are simply AH-Mazing!!!!

Ok, so here is what you do! You must first like my page on FB and like The Organic Bloom's page on FB! Then post a link back to my website or blog anywhere online, FB, your blog, Twitter, etc! Then leave me a comment on here and that's it! So simple and you can win a great prize!!!

Also, don't forget the wedding give-away and the 50% off of photo sessions for LIFE for my clients! I'm changing it a little bit, as long as you comment as least 10 days in January you will be entered to win!!! Read my first post for more details!!!

Thank you again for making my launch a HUGE success...I'm so excited for 2011!!